Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's Going On?

I love how in the Completely Cauchy blog she writes, "Lots going on, nothing getting done." I feel that way entirely.
Like the Lady Eleanor shawl (blanket) I'm knitting in the evenings in front of the TV. I just slog along. It's 30 inches wide and I plan to go to 48, but your guess is as good as mine if that's one week or 2 months.
The Starving Artist hat was a success in the mohair. It looks a lot like the Fleece Artist mohair that we were winding up at Jean's, even a similar colourway.

Emily said it was a success, though I'm tempted to make it again in a smaller needle.
I have the left front almost finished on my Cassidy cardigan, but have ripped back a few times because it's pattern and shaping at the same time. The gates to hell have a sign over them that says, "At the Same Time".

I was gifted this lovely hyacinth that doesn't smell enough to stimulate my allergies. Wonderful at my kitchen sink where I don't have a window.
I finished my monkey socks this morning and decided not to cast on another pair right away because I should knuckle down and finish this cardigan.
So I cast on the Chic Knits Maximus cowl from Lion Brand bulky I got at Michaels. I picked Scott up for the reading break and snuck in there.
So now, not only is the carnivore home, but my basement is full of big boys. They very sweetly bought me a bottle of red wine to thank me for making them feel welcome.
So basically I am sweeping floors, doing dishes and trying to get back from two night shifts last week.
Oh, and our church choir competed in the local Music Festival last night and won gold! Even though I choked on the flute, the adjudicator loved us. We love us, too, especially our director.


Anonymous said...

Well done for getting gold! That's a fantastic acheivement.

Do you mind sharing where you got the Starving Artisit hat pattern from? I'd love to have a go at that - as I type this we're having another somewhat blustery (!) day on Skye and a warm hat is just the order of the day.
Love the Lady Eleanor btw. It's been on my Ravelry "to do" list for absolutely ages. One day. ;-)

cauchy09 said...

Oh, these are some lovely works-in-progress! I especially love the entrelac. So gorgeous.

Life's a Stitch said...

Liking Miss Eleanor.

I found some Silk Garden Sock in the colour of your Taize and I'm debating starting one of those.