Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hanging In There

Yesterday I made pasta with my Christmas present pasta roller. It hooks onto my Kitchen Aid mixer and it couldn't have been easier. I think this batch is enough for a family of four. I could have made it just a bit thinner, going down a knotch. But it was fun.

The back of the Cassidy is done. Apparently I didn't have enough stitches after I adapted the arm hole for my wrong row gauge, but I ripped it back and finished it last night. This is almost a meditative knit now. This morning I cast on the first front. The sleeves are already done. This is the best way for me to work because otherwise the sleeves seem to take forever. I work 2 nights this week, but I don't think this is simple enough for that kind of brain.
I cast on the Starving Artist hat because I'm a crazy fan of Lala and the Knit Girllls. It's simple in its elegant construction. I'm using the "Black Watch" colourway mohair that my sister gave up on. It will probably be a hat for her. Imagine having 2 Christmas presents already! Not quite yet.

We are noticing the light sky earlier in the morning. This is about 7:20. There is hope.
This is a crazy weekend. I'm doing hiring interviews as well as helping and performing in our church Variety show. At least I get to practice the cats duet before we compete in the Music Festival. Hang in there.

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Charles said...

Pretty pink.

I've been noticing that it's still light when driving home from work. The worst is over!