Sunday, July 10, 2011

Competing Priorities

 When I went to Twist of Fate, I gathered up my hopes and dreams and my belief in the manipulation of time and space, and bought some pretty yarns (yearns) for some lovely projects. The Koigu was on sale! It would be wrong to resist! I bought enough for another linen stitch scarf, even though I have yet to knit the first one, or even fall in love with it enough to think about knitting multiples.
 The linen scarf is still in its experimental stage. I have figured out my repeated mistakes at the end of the good rows, but still feel I am knitting with twine, a bit. In the case that I really love it, I have another shawl's worth now from Blue Ridge Yarns. This would make a nice hostess gift for the friend we are visiting in Africa next year. If it softens when it blocks.
 I've been thinking about a blanket for my chair in the TV room in the basement. I have a terrible affinity for neutrals. I like the aesthetic, but I find it boring to work on. I like the idea of a throw that fits into the neutral furniture. I plan to make a Vintage Crochet Blanket from this luscious wool and alpaca. I made a crocheted blanket for my side of the bed and I like its heft.
And then, because I am probably a teaching granny square crochet class in the fall, I figured I had better have a sample. Enter the crayon box of superwash DK merino. I will try to put into action some of the inspiration I am getting from Completely Cauchy. But I already feel out of my colour comfort box.
I am ticking along on the linen scarf, just turned the heel in the cowboy socks and spent a good few hours on the black shawl yesterday.
I want to finish something! I want to count it in my Stash Dash. But is knitting knitting? Should I just work on one thing? It's too dark in the basement for the sock. What about the nephew sweater?
I took some time out to make a scrap book of Emily's grad and felt so good at completing something. Then I spent a few hours at the camp making apple crisp for their dessert. I also played a John Denver song at church. This is not wasted time. I have a job interview tomorrow that I have to prepare for.
But what about my 5k Stash Dash? I wish I could hide and knit somewhere until I have an F O.


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Koigu; never used it and keep hearing people who knit love it. Must try!

And a job interview? Hmmm...good luck!

Looked at the vintage crochet blanket - lovely. That would be a nice winter project.

cauchy09 said...

oh, i downloaded that Vintage blanket pattern last week. so pretty!

it took me years to let go of my color issues. and it might be time to regain my color composure. :o)

good luck!