Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Canada Day, Eh?

Today is a national holiday to celebrate everything Canadian. I have had some memorable Canada Days, especially in the Reserve Forces Medical Corps when I was a very young Corporal, and in the Chilliwack & District Pipe Band, playing tenor and bass drum at the fair grounds. But today will be quiet to catch up on some of the craziness that has been the last few weeks.
Today D is piping in the Abbotsford parade, the town next door, and then at Harrison Hot Springs, where my sister has her cabin.
She's at the cabin, so we won't have her birthday party today, as we have done many years.
I pick Em up at camp in the middle of the day, drop her at home for laundry, sushi and a few days rest, and then I'll beetle over to my friend's for a video fest and a good sit and knit. We were going to go on a yarn crawl, but we really feel the need to get some of the wool worked through. It is one of the pleasures on knitting, no?
This morning I ripped out the two charts of the Summer Mystery Shawl (that I have redone in a better yarn) because I failed to put a centre stitch in this time? Have I been stressed, you think? So now it is ripped back, and set on the needles with the centre stitch marked, and in the time out bag. It is a good rule to leave projects in the ready phase, instead of needing huge fixing and never getting out again.
Now, at the movies, I can work on the nephew sweater, the second cowboy sock, the linen shawl or maybe even the neglected lace weight sweater. I am, unfortunately, inspired by the Knit Girllls 5k Stash Dash to try to work on things that I will actually finish and will count toward my total. But it's just July first, and not even summery yet, so I will have time to finish at least one or two of these projects, which will probably give me enough.
I was in my LYS yesterday to pick up more linen and found some great raspberry alpaca and silk by M&K to mix with my Misty Alpacas sock weight multi colour to make the My Wish shawl. I'm so excited how this raspberry brightens up the dark multi. The proceeds for the pattern go to The Knitting Triathlete's cupcake mafia team for Make A Wish Foundation. I am knitting it as a fringe member of the Camp Loopy Ewe. I thought I could knit it at camp, too. The Loopys are already onto a cabled sock or mitten. But I'm using my own stash, mostly.
I'm starting to get antsy that I don't have any baby knits in the gift drawer. But I really do need to get some of these items off the needles. Now I will take this quiet moment in a surprisingly empty house to work on the difficult black Flaming Flowers shawl.
I wish for you a weekend of pleasure. A weekend of safe enjoyment. Tomorrow is my 30th high school reunion which will probably be a quiet affair. Not much response.
I may be able to post from Rusty Springs Ranch after I arrive on Sunday. It's a 3 hour drive into the interior of the province to the lovely semi-arid hills and the enjoyment of my sister's ranch. The drive will be made more enjoyable by taking podcasts with me. The Knitmore Girls are taking a summer hiatus, so I'm working through their early shows to the present. I can't remember when I started listening to their podcast, but I missed the early days.
I will be bringing my guitar and ukelele to my sister's, some badminton and perhaps a frightening amount of snack food. But we're partying, eh?
Happy Canada Day.


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Wow, I am impressed that you can knit in a movie.

The Shawl, My Wish, is lovely.

Have a fun time this weekend; hope you have good weather.

Linda said...

Happy Canada Day to you! Shamefully, I have to admit that I'm only aware of the date because of news coverage of Will and Kate...