Sunday, July 17, 2011

Project Driven

 When I say something is project- driven, I mean everything else is on hold until the project is done. I am a bit like that, but have too many projects in the works.
After baking at camp and working two horrendous day shifts at the hospital, I sat down to do some scrap booking and made a terrible mess. It would still be there, right now (more photo books to make) but Scott's girlfriend came over this weekend, so I made a ham dinner.
As well, I read all the orientation information for my new job, working at the Hospice. I am also re-reading my Hospice handbook on my own.
Am I tired because I went to the gym for the first time in 2 weeks, or because I didn't go to the gym for two weeks?
The  linen shawl is done. I made it a bit long because I wanted to block it wide. The NaturLin is softer than when I cast on, but it's still a bit like twine. I'll try to wear it lots to soften it, but it's just not that warm out.
I have 3 shifts of orientation this week. They already asked me to work Saturday, and then on next Sunday I go to camp as a nurse. Not much of a turn around. The shifts are only 8 hours, so they'll feel a bit like a holiday, except that everything is new! I'm a bit deer in the headlights right now. I'm already making lists for packing to go back to the ranch after camp. The telescope really wants a road trip.
I take Em to camp this afternoon and Scott will take his girlfriend back to the city. The house will be positively quiet.
What shall I do with that open space and time? Read? Knit? Catch up on your blogs?
I'll finish making the glace cherries for my Christmas cake. Thanks to Angry Chicken, I don't have to worry about what is in the store-bought ones. I love me some fruitcake. It's Christmas in July. Maybe that's why it's so chilly.
Another project.


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Hope you like your new job at Hospice and glad you got the position. It sounds like you don't have much spare time, and am impressed that you got the linen shawl finished! Lovely!\

PS: my doggy and I are on our way in an hour to visit our three hospice patients!

Lia said...

I totally get what you mean by project driven. I'm trying so hard to finish a few things before I start anything new. That shawl is SO beautiful I love the color.

I would advise you to read and go to bed early but I find that it's hard to sleep when I'm in project mode. If that's the case knit so you can relax but still feel productive.