Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am touched by the connections that other bloggers make with their posts. Drawn into their lives and their projects, I look forward to connecting with them. When I'm working too much, or travelling, I miss the quiet that I can steal with the help of Google Reader.
Last night was our second weekly gathering of the Chilliwack Common Threads Knitting Circle. It has been a dream of mine to connect with neighbours over knitting the way I feel connected to my Ravelry and internet friends. Not a big gathering, but certainly the seeds of a community. I want it to be organic and develop without my being in charge. It's going swimmingly.
We decided that it was a good idea to knit baby layettes for the Hospital Auxiliary to sell because they are losing all their knitters to aging. But in modern knitter style, these will not be lacy pink and blue outfits. No. We're going to knit what we like and what we think young moms will like. Look out!
I have a few dreams surrounding charity knitting and it makes me feel warm that they are starting to spread.
We are also going to go heavily into Socktober (as coined by Stash and Burn podcasters) with sharing ideas and successes and failures.
When someone accuses me of being a good knitter, I just say it's because I've already made those mistakes.
This has been a good lesson for me in my life and in my work.
I hope to take my mistakes to new heights because I am not alone, but connected.
(Dahlia sweater back medallion is finished, but actually teal green).


Anonymous said...

I think that's a lovely idea, knitting for tiny children. I'm hoping to attend my first ever knitting circle next Wednesday - love the sweater btw.

Judy S. said...

Did you start this group? I tried once and it just kinda fizzled out.
Any suggestions?

Linda said...

The whole internet community thing is so interesting, and I love how it brings people closer together in their local areas. A few Scottish bloggers and I are working towards meeting up - that will be such fun!
Your idea of cool baby knits will be a hit with the young mums, I'm sure.

Sherri ~ daintytime said...

I really enjoy my weekly meeting with my Alameda knitting group. They are a blessing! Here are pictures: Alameda Yarn Shop Knitters