Monday, September 05, 2011

Things Look New

 It's Labour Day here in British Columbia. The roads are treacherous and full of holiday makers trying to get back to their homes after one last hoorah. We drove home last night after an excellent visit to my sister's ranch. There was riding. I like seeing my shadow on a horse (Chex). There was BBQ, there was knitting and even a fire for smores. And there were unimpeded stars for my D.
On Sunday we crashed the new yarn store on 3rd St in Kamloops. We call it my niece's store, but she has joined forces with my sister and it's really going to happen. I brought them baskets that were partially steampunk, but with a bit of collecting the eggs to suit them both. This is an awesome store! Plus I was knitting an Annis shawl in her colourway Jersey Giant. It is plums and greens that go with all my fall knits and named after one of her chickens.
I envy you if you can go to the grand opening tomorrow. They are amazing hosts. And there is a super cafe next door, Oops, that makes fresh pretzels. I will get one next time. This will be my new LYS and hopefully I'll even get to help out a bit.
Tomorrow is the first day of classes for Emily going to Kwantlen University. Maybe a bit too exciting. She gets the little car, and a new phone for her music on the highway.
I'll be going to work at my new job which doesn't feel so new anymore, but like real life. Not so overwhelming as the hospital work I was doing.
Next big thing? I hope to get a bass guitar this week. What could be shinier?

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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

It sounds like life is good for you and I am so glad! A new guitar, new yarn, new store, new beginnings for Emily. Yea!! And your "new" job, too. Hugs.