Monday, September 26, 2011

Burnt Pies

 This Sunday we did a special service at church to celebrate the 100 years of our own cemetary. I know. A bit odd. But it is a beautiful slice of quiet country and D and I have a little plot there for our ashes. The first one to be buried is one of our first ministers who liked to have apple pie for breakfast before giving the sermon. We celebrate with apple pie after church. We all bake and then just pieces out at coffee time in the hall after the service. Well, I made my pastry dough on Thursday because I had a full day of Palliative courses in Vancouver on Friday, and set time aside to bake them on Saturday morning before the big MIL birthday party.
Em was reading to me her English 101 homework about developing essays (something I am really interested in), I was knitting and probably doing 10 other things. D came in and checked on the pies just before the timer went off and they were black on top.
I had great intentions, but I just couldn't get there.
I just threw them in the garbage and went out to tackle the back garden. Worked myself into a right lather.
The bass guitar is something I'm just starting to learn, but apparently I've lost some of my baking ability.
 I didn't show you the finished Annis shawl in electrictree Jersey Giant. I did garter stitch instead of st st and I wish it was a bit bigger. We'll see how I use it as a scarf. But I have one and a half skeins left. I  like how the pattern and the colours mix.
 I won a skein of Socks That Rock Medium weight in the Bella Coola colourway from Carin at Round the Twist videocast to celebrate her second year anniversary. This was seriously on my wish list, and I have watched every show from the very beginning!! Don't miss it. There is also a Round the Twist With Carin button on my work bag now.
I forgot to take pictures of the cotton and wool sock yarn that I won from the Knit Girllls. It will probably go into a baby sweater. I love Leslie and Lala!
On Friday when I was done the course and driving home with a delightful fellow nurse, I got a text from D about a baby shower. Duh. Totally forgot I had a baby on the horizon. At Common Threads knit night we talked about doing a knit along for the hospital auxiliary: baby items for the gift shop. Knitwitty26 showed us this free pattern, Garter Yoke Baby Cardi, and I'm really happy with how it's knitting up in the drops alpaca light sock weight. It's coming along quickly and is a blessedly simple pattern, because I've caught the chest cold that has been going around and I'm sitting at home pouting, drinking tea and catching up on podcasts I missed because I've been so busy.
Time to restore and refresh.


Forrest said...

You may have given me some blog fodder. Once Chuck burned an apple pie. As he was going to throw it out he noticed that the burnt part was flaking off. His brilliant idea was to vacuum the top layer off! Oops, got too close and sucked up the entire top crust.

Life's a Stitch said...

Just making sure that last comment got posted as being from me. I realized that my daughter's friend's google account was open instead of mine. So if you have a comment from Forrest, you know it's me in disguise.