Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dew On the Berries

We are officially between seasons now. The air is moist while the grass is turning brown. All around smells like ripe blackberries and corn. It is good climate for dreaming about knitting.
On Saturday I began a KAL with friends on the Dahlia cardigan from the new Interweave Knits. Of course Susan and Jean have blown me out of the water and finished the lace panel back. But in my defence, I was working evenings this weekend and a day yesterday.
I will have knitting time today because D and I are travelling to Banff. Just an hours flight from Abbotsford to Calgary. We will be picked up and shuttled off to the RimRock Hotel. This is  a local favourite. I did my nursing training in Calgary and spent weekends in Canmore and Banff with my Aunt Darlene.
Packing angst: I'm not ready for cold weather. I just painted my toenails (Carry On from Essie in blackberry) an I have to choose what knitting to bring. It's like choosing books or children.
I will work on the Dahlia to save face, and I will have a sweater when it's done. I'll bring the black shawl because I was supposed to finish it this summer. And I'll bring the second Lakeside sock which I started last night after knit night.
Yes, the Common Threads Knitting Circle had a gathering at the locally owned coffee shop, Decades, and two friends and two new friends came. Hopefully some from my choir will join us after I harass them after our first practice next week.
So have a good weekend. I'm going to walk outside in the Rockies. And knit a bit.

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Judy S. said...

Have a great time in Banff! What kind of yarn are you using for the Dahlia sweater? That pattern looks tough; I keep looking at it though.....