Monday, October 03, 2011


 I am treading water to keep my head above my in box. Thanks to David Allen for this quick tip. Why have I  not been doing that? I have papers all over my desk, under my macbook, under my ipad. No idea where the book club notes got to? Oh, yes, the garbage. I wouldn't have looked there because I usually recycle (I usually make notes before I recycle). But my rule is, if it's not in the right place, look in the wrong place.
I am grateful I had enough time in the afternoon last week, after an 8 hour day shift, to make up the Gratitude banner I had been scheming since seeing one in Pinterest. No need to thank me for the time-sucking website.

 I also stopped by our local DecorWest shop and picked up a runner in the shade of wheat I was hankering for and a red pitcher and platter that remind me of Fiesta ware. In Attic24's website, she notes that the touch of red makes a happier home. I am slow to add red to our home except at Christmas and Valentines. I should bring out the red cushion, too, but it doesn't like my burgundy shawl.
I am thankful I had time to knit the September hat in the brown colour of the spectrum for Project Help Mexico. I also whipped up a baby sweater for  a friend who is due in November.
Went to Burnaby on Friday for the second in a series of Palliative Care lectures. The traffic couldn't have been worse! I listened to Lorna Doon because I hadn't updated any podcasts! Oh well, I'm enjoying the book, too. The course was deep and touching and I hope to be more effective at talking about the difficult things with patients and family. 
The trip to Vancouver Island this weekend got off to a rocky start. Why does no one keep track of the time? We have a ferry reservation for a reason! We went to Victoria, dropped off runners and root beer at the Bear Den (Scott's condo) then set up in our rooms at the Queen Victoria hotel. I like an old hotel that is not part of a chain. This one has been redone to the best of her abilities and I got a deal through expedia. It's right across the street from the Royal BC Museum, where I spent many hours as a child. My sister and I lived with Aunt Anna in the summer and the museum was free. Her brother, Uncle Lloyd took us to the beach and China Town and Beacon Hill Park. We were happily spoiled. The other Uncle Lloyd had a birthday the same day as me and I remember pancake parties with cousin Sheldon and a full table of relatives. I got another birthday in August when I came home.
Anyway I cast on the Baby Surprise Jacket in the Regia Cotton top Color yarn I won from the Knit Girllls Podcast  and got a lot done. I also knit the funny pieces of the back for the Dahlia cardigan and pieced them together. I'm afraid to knit too much until I check in with the other two KALs to place the afterthought sleeve. D likes the colour a lot. It comes out grey in the camera, but it's really teal (like the family tartan).
My October visit to my Bellingham friend is bumped to November. I am working this evening and next which means apologies to the choir and knit group. I hate that, but they need me at work. I am feeling a bit off kilter. The to do list is choking me. Plus I have a big list of chores I do at the turn of the calendar (hello watering plants!).
Today I am going to take it one step at a time. Thanks for being there so I can put my crazy thoughts in order. I am grateful for you, gentle reader.


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

You won that skein of yarn from the Knit Girllls! I grinned when I heard them say your name!! YEA!

Your list of chores is making me tired....go girl!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You got through a lot.
I'm very wary of red don't know why, just always have been. I do like your pitcher tho' - cheerful and happy. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am always impressed by all you do, and whom you do so much for!
I hope you got a good photo of that cool baby jacket? It almost made me dizzy looking at the pattern! Thanks for calling us all gentle readers, made me smile.