Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fresh Look

I was happy to be home this week. It feels like I worked a lot and I did a lot of housework. But the cool evenings are setting in and I am practicing nesting.
The baby sweaters are off the needles and I walked to the mall today to buy buttons. I usually walk the dog and then drive to the mall, but I wanted some time away from work and to go at my own pace.
This is a big weekend with friends for a Haiti Art Auction (I'm baking and manning the kitchen), kids fun day (I did the craft) and tomorrow I lead a drumming circle and sing a solo (Ordinary Miracle) at church. Did I really think I could go to the round up at the ranch?
Monday is back to work for three days this week. And October is being eaten away like a waning moon.
I am taking time to set up Christmas knitting and finish off a few projects. Not the black shawl which I know I will love to wear, but don't love knitting. We are planning a pi-along when the Dahlia is done. Looking forward to that.
But right now I'm happy to look out and see my mountains and my back garden in the long autumn light.

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Lesley said...

Oh no! You said the words "Christmas knitting". This means I now have to acknowledge that Christmas is round the corner and actually start doing something.