Saturday, October 22, 2011

Unexpected Finds

 The Wooly Bears are out. Also called Wooly Worms (no longer creeped out by Wooly Wormhead). You could easily miss them if you are travelling too quickly. But when I walk the dog, I like to take my time and enjoy the lovely area we live in.
 The view is not always of the mountains. When it's really rainy and cloudy, the  mountains are hidden in their shrouding. But the sky can still be beautiful. Even though I am not a fan of Canada Geese in my yard, I am touched by their beauty in the sky and how they mark the autumn. Unfortunately while I was engrossed in taking this picture, our rotten neighbour's daughter, the Troll, brought the vicious black labs to the same park and let them run loose. They were in the tennis court, but the doors weren't shut and when Roxy came at me with teeth bared and barking like a devil, I was still greatly frightened. This was on top of a painful back from my first chiropractor visit and the bad behaviour of my own big dog who is afraid of the garbage and recycling trucks that are out on Thursday.
I consoled myself by baking a birthday cake for my best friend, and pumpkin muffins for the family. My friends had a great birthday party!! What great friends!
 Surprisingly I finished the baby sweaters. The green alpaca is from a fail to mix two colours. I love the shell buttons. Hopefully we'll have a baby shower soon.
 The Baby Surprise Jacket is always a treat. This one was completed surprisingly quickly. Thanks Knit Girllls for the yarn prize. This one will join a hat and booties to support the Chilliwack General Hospital Auxiliary.
Last Sunday was the Rotary Club Book Sale. A huge event, you never know what you'll find. Although the prices are no longer one dollar each, they are all 3-5 dollars and worth sifting through hundreds of thousands to find a few gems. The genres are better organized now and I have so many books I am more discerning. Also Jean bought the other ones I want and I can borrow them.
It is time to put reading on the to do list. I need to read more than just at bed time because I have a long queue including book club books and non fiction.
If I wake up before my alarm is set, I get to read in bed. I love unexpected finds.

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