Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 The presents are presenting themselves. J doesn't read blogs, so I think I can post progress here, but not on Ravelry.com. This is Grumperina's Volna scarf. I'm doing it in Fame Trend. The colour changes are like Noro, but stay in Jean Green.
Mom asked for a skinny scarf. The Crystal Palace Bunny Hop has 8% Rabbit Angora and is so soft. This is Falling Water, and I like it better than the lacy ripples I did a few months ago. This pattern sings (and screams, as in screamin' fast). Two mufflers, check.
There are other gifts in the planning stage, but I have had confessions of lurking and have very unfortunately introduced Ravelry to many new friends. The blog is not safe. Don't they know they can just look in my knitting bag(s) for the evidence they seek?
Any ideas on how I can get them to comment and come out of the shadows?

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