Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Flowers

 I'm stealing this idea from Cornflower. I love how she used non-petally flowers today. I looked at my garden, grabbed my camera and felt a rush of excitement. I love these lost flowers that mark the change in seasons. I confess I let my parsley go to flower.
 New pots in purple with pansies to cover spring tulips.
 The anemone still holds her graceful head on a delicate stalk.
 Pink poppies are still beautiful when they are generating seeds.
And my beloved columbine. I was given seeds from my sister's heritage garden and was so pleased to be able to take the same seeds to her new farm. We think of BIL's grandma who came over from Ireland and kept her hats in a trunk with the original travel tag.
The preservation of last years flowers give hope to next spring.

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