Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Frost Flowers

It's a bit ironic that I choose to knit a shawl named Frost Flowers in black alpaca silk lace. I have had this pattern 'favourited' for several years and after last summer's debacle with black lace, I wanted a new chance.
There was a question from Nancy about the pattern. It is posted on Ravelry in many forms. It is from Barbara G. Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns and so has inspired different patterns. The one I'm using is actually called Flaming Flowers Stole by Dagmara. Meg Swansen published a Frost Flowers pattern in her book, A Gathering of Lace. I believe this book was instrumental in urging the current lace phase.
On Ravelry you'll also find this pattern as the Charmed Floral Fantasy Shawl. I almost knit that one. Can't remember why not. I think the directions for this one were shorter. How about a Charlene Schurch pattern? I maybe should have gone with her as I love her sock books. Or you can do socks or a shrug.
When a pattern is published in a stitch dictionary, the knitters are infinitely inspired.
Now I need to be inspired to work on mine.

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Sherri ~ daintytime said...

I hear working with dark yarn is very hard. I'm about to find out with a lace shawl I'm planning to knit in a midnight blue fingering alpaca.

This is looking good so far!