Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wrapped in Care

It was a Knit Girllls kind of day yesterday. I received this lovely package from the courier with my second afghan square, some sparkly stitch markers, rubber duckies and an awesome Georgia peach bag from browneyegirl35. She has only been knitting a few years, but she has made some wonderful projects. I love this yearn. If I can find more, I may make it the basis for my swap afghan.
This is the square I sent to my partner. She wanted rose, so I included rose soap and note cards.

 I finished the 5 k Stash Dash. Yes, I knit 5 km of yarn this summer (including finishing the entrelac blanket but not the giant nephew sweater). This is a scarf for my head nurse so I don't feel so bad about changing jobs and she knows I think she's great. I'm also wrestling with other changes and decisions I need to make about juggling volunteer work and my new job. September is another beginning for me.
I also won a prize on the Knit Girllls video podcast contest. Yay! It doesn't matter what it is, I just was so pleased to be (randomly) chosen. These knitters are delightful and have created a community where I feel accepted, encouraged and teased a little. I include mysef in the ranks of Knit Girlll lemmings. I talk about them as if they were my neighbours and D notices when I'm watching because I pick up a little southern twang in my speech. The things I won't do for them!
Now that stash dash is over, I can get back to a few projects that have been lingering. The nephew sweater has only the front from the division of the sleeves. I think I'll knit that while I'm at the fair doing demonstration knitting for the Chilliwack Common Threads knitting circle.
The black shawl is doing better than last year's  but I seriously have to take some time to work on it. The simplicity cardigan has been out of my brain for too long. I also cast on the Summer Mystery Shawlette again, but I think I'll leave it until I've done another Christmas present shawl and maybe my soft pink Japanese Garden shawl.
I also want to start my granny square afghan to help teach crochet in the fall.
Today I must go get some yarn for my next afghan square swap partner. Nothing green in the stash. All the goodies are gathered and ready, but no knitted square yet.
I am grateful to have the opportunity to return the great kindness.

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