Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

 I like Saturdays because I can read in the morning, walk the dog and then consider going for a coffee and grabbing the weekend paper. Sometimes I do some gardening, but not so much this year. It was too cold and wet, and then it was too hot. But not in the shade. Carly loves walking with me in the big field behind our house. She is eight years old this month.
 On the left is the blackberry bank and on the right, the cow corn.
 The weather was so nice this morning, we didn't have the trail to ourselves. But we were left alone most of the time so she could stay off leash.
At the end of the field trail, we enter the Coqualeetza Stolo Nation grounds. It is an ancient healing village and past TB Hospital and Army barracks. Our first nations people lived in long houses like the pictures Emily Carr painted. This teepee looks out of place in the lush greenery of our west coast rain forest. I think it's a teaching area.
I have been enjoying a little quieter pace as I chase a migraine. It has abated again. The air quality tanked when the sun came out. I work tomorrow at Hospice and then my last two night shifts at the hospital. It will take a lot of tenacity to get through the work and the sleeping in the day and the clock shifting, but it will be the last time. I have to make some muffins to bring the nurses to thank them.
But tonight is  a BBQ with friends from the pipe band and I look forward to keeping this feeling of summer.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the migraine: we should discuss what works and what does not! Call me for Starbuck's any time you are free, I have one left on my gift card!--your anon buddy!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Could not find an email address for you, so will leave this quick question as a comment.

The River of Stones you belong to: is it worthwhile? What are the requirements? Thanks much, Nancy