Monday, August 08, 2011

All's Fair

After working my last day shift in the hospital, I spent 2 days at the fair. It was exhausting. I don't really like the fair, but my Mom organizes the home arts building and I was hoping we could reach out to local knitters to join our knitting circle. We will meet at Decades Coffee House on Tuesday evenings from 7 pm starting Sept 13. Decades has been really friendly.
I enjoyed meeting the spinners and weavers and connecting with the Hospital Auxiliary who need baby sets and with another group who want hats and blankets.
I still want to have a class at the fair where the items are judged and then donated to Community Services or the Hospital. I would call it Fair Share.
I helped my sister emcee the Apple Pie Contest, but she was split in several directions. I ended up just singing and playing guitar. I would have brought my own music if she had been clear about what she wanted.
Then I hosted the Mommy and Me cookie contest and read poems and enjoyed the company of about 20 kids and their families. It was very positive.
But the barn we were in has dreadful lighting, many people were there just for free stuff and I tired of their company.
Thank goodness Carol was there to keep me company and see her nieces in the gymkhana, barrel racing. I helped her start a new ten stitch blanket and she helped me not go crazy. She also shared poutine, mini donuts and lemonade with me. Big shout out to the crocheters who also sat with us.
I worked on my square swap for next month and managed to work a relatively difficult pattern in all the distraction. Love the Mission Falls 1824 Superwash Merino.
This week I catch up on cleaning up my duties with the camp. Summer camp is over and I have resigned from the board. I need to focus on my new job and the beginnings that happen in fall.
Right now the roofers are banging around above us and scaring the dog.
Change is inevitable, but I find it stressful when I am its author. Let go of the guilt and get on with the wide open future.

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