Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Island Jaunt

 Travelling BC Ferries is actually pretty relaxed, once you make it through traffic and catch your boat. We ended going over much earlier than I had planned (after an evening shift) because Scott needed to be at his new condo to receive a furniture delivery from his Great Grandma who is no longer in assisted living. We loved unpacking her dining table and chairs and remembering many great meals served on it.
 We stayed at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe which is spiffier than we're used to, but we were at a friend's parents' 50th anniversary and wanted to stay in the same hotel. It has a stunning view of the harbour and a nice walking path. D was excited to show me this giant spinning whorl, commemorating the First Nations (Coast Salish) tradition of spinning. I was excited too. They knit the authentic Cowichan Sweaters and still do.
 We had great weather, but a jam-packed itinerary. We were treated like family and enfolded into all the extra events. What a treat from a very special family. We met some great people, including a few knitters and at least one new Ravelry friend!
Emily and I snuck into Cadboro Bay for a quick stop at the Boutique de Laine (bagfull of ivory dk merino for my granny squares and some Euroflax in lavender), but missed out on the Beehive shop and the Knotty By Nature store. I will make it a destination next time I get Scott.
Johnson Street had a fair going with music and sidewalk sales. We ventured across the bridge for a short peek, but it was pretty hip for us.
Back home (without the son) to orientation at Em's university and the last heave ho before everything starts up again.
I frogged the Simplicity cardigan. Shouldn't have worked on it after an evening shift. I finished the increases on the front to discover I had done them over 2 rows instead of 4. Can you believe it?!! Laceweight sweater of purgatory knitting didn't get a second chance.
I only worked on the sock on the trip, but I have now cast off the collar on the nephew sweater and plan to sew in the sleeves right away.
That leaves the black lace shawl and the lakeside sock. I want to cast on Annis to knit in electictree laceweight. It is a beautiful teal and burgundy named "Jersey Giant" after one of my sisters fancy chickens.
I have chosen the Mission Falls 136 in teal to do the Knit a long Dahlia sweater from the fall issue of Interweave Knits. I don't know when I'm allowed to cast on, though.
I had way too many projects on the needles this summer. Part of it was doing things that could be completed for Stash Dash, but part of it was my night shift brain. I am still a bit hampered by weariness. Why am I afraid of the Frost Flowers shawl? It is only one stitch at a time and one row at a time. I have already completed one pattern repeat of 48 rows. Can't put it off forever. Now my house is much quieter and cleaner, I can think about thinking.


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

It sounds like you had a lovely time, and from the pictures, the weather was perfect.

Am going to look at the Frost Flowers shawl to see if there is the pattern on Ravelry.

Lifesastitch said...

Have you been to the Cowichan Village? They have a little knitting museum that's fascinating. At least to us knitters.

Linda said...

Great shots of Victoria. I have very happy memories of travelling to Mayne Island with my cousins.