Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Travels and Travails

 UVic is an extraordinarily beautiful campus. Scott is going into his third year there. I found yarn bombing next to the SubText (Student Union Building used book store). We had a super conundrum getting his giant desk into the tiny door of his room at the bottom of the curving stairs. But the triumph was sweet and his new condo, shared with his good friends from home, is bright and clean.
Travel is not what it used to be. We are linked in all the time. I bring my ipad and can spend the whole ferry ride on Ravelry and reading your blogs instead of knitting. I couldn't find the IK Weekend, so I bought it on line and I love it. The mailman also brought Knitting Knee Highs and Toe-Up Socks In a Box.
I'm still making knitting lists for what I dream to knit when I'm done the Simplicity cardigan and the nephew sweater (and the black shawl and the lakeside socks).
I have a few presents, I need to make a few back up baby things, there's the alpaca blanket for me. I have the Monday Morning Cardigan yarn ready to cake up, plus too many shawls. I want to knit  Barb Brown socks before I meet her at the retreat in October.  What do I really want to wear this fall? Maybe start there.
 There are a few things on my Rav page that I already frogged. Sigh. I'm not so good at mixing the colours. Or I'm just too specific in my aesthetic.
We're back in Victoria this weekend and I plan to take Emily to Boutique de Laine. They always have a bag full of yarn to buy. I'm doing a Knit A Long (KAL) of the Dahlia Sweater from the new IK Fall with some of my real friends. I think I can use stash. I'd love to find more DK Merino for my granny squares blanket. My LYS still hasn't ordered the bag full for me yet. Hmmmm. Not sure if I'll have time to teach that this fall. So many shifts at the Hospice, plus I'm doing some classes on Palliative Care. I registered for my choir, the Chilliwack Academy of Music Festival Chorus, and I cleared my schedule so I won't miss so many practices. These are the greatest people.
Tuesdays will be knitting with the Chilliwack Common Threads Knitting Circle at Decades Coffee House. I'm hoping to bring together enough people that it takes off organically.
Today, before work, I'm packing spiffy clothes for the brunch and tea this weekend. But really I'm trying to get my knitting to the simple spot for travelling.


Sherri ~ daintytime said...

So many fantastic projects on your list. I have a long list of knitting projects that I'm excited to get to as well. I get so impatient sometimes!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Reading about all your projects, I was agog! So many to knit, so little time. Have fun on your holiday and enjoy your brunch :o)

Linda said...

Good luck to your son for his 3rd year. Mine is going into 3rd year too, staying in a privately rented flat near Glasgow Uni. It's a lot nicer than last year's flat, and with a more congenial flatmate from his course. How many years of university housing are students entitled to at the University of Victoria. At Glasgow it's just one, so then the rush is on to find something in the private sector.