Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seeking the Slow

Things seem a bit crazy here. The house is full of big people and they are hungry and messy. Yesterday it rained so I couldn't hide in the gazebo on the deck (like I'm doing now).
It's only Tuesday and we're heading into a big weekend of travel and visiting and moving the boy to his new digs. In between, D flies to Calgary and I work two afternoons (actually 3-11 pm is an evening to me).
On Saturday morning I stayed in bed finishing a book and drinking in the chance to feel like summer. Does it ever feel like summer, or do we lose it with our childhood like Christmas?
I miss the annual trek to the beach house and I even miss the Highland Games.
We have travel plans in the fall, and in the early spring, and next summer.
But tonight I have finished some study for my new job and plan to knit and read and sit back.
If I can knit a sweater one stitch at a time, I can enjoy a summer evening one cloud at a time.

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