Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Such a Long Journey

 This has been a packed few weeks. I started a new job as a nurse at the Hospice. I spent a week as the nurse at music camp. And I just returned from a great few days at my sister's ranch. The weather at camp was "improving". We had mild, not too sunny days. It was good for nursing little campers. We built a stage right on the water and 250-300 people came for the concert. The parking was crazy! D piped and Scotty served popcorn.
The staff were acting as counsellors and they are wonderful musicians in their own right. The kids were all students of violin or cello. Smart cookies and kind fellows. It was an oddly calm and healthy camp.

 We had to insist that the campers rest and play. They wanted to practice their pieces and their choreography, even after hours of instruction.
Calvin Dyck is the reason they are so inspired. He is a rare gem of a brilliant musician and teacher. He deserves his world wide praise. And we shared a birthday up there.
My Emily was a champion drummer and delightful counsellor of the younger girls. It was an exciting week.

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Linda said...

Sounds an amazing week, and brings back happy memories for me of our week at the Suzuki Valhalla Institute in New Denver, back in 2007.