Sunday, November 13, 2011

And On This Path

 Spent the last few days in Knutsford. The weather is at least a month ahead. The Coquihalla Highway was beautiful on the way up, with snow on the side of the road and mist in the deep canyons. Long Lake was frozen, thawed, and started to freeze while I was there.
 We had to walk around the lake because it was very windy and the old aspen trees are dangerous when they fall.
 Dexter and Jake are the dogs in charge when we're outside.
 My sister kept saying, "It's not cold." But I had my Malabrigo Moody Kerchief and fingerless mitts all the time.
We went to electrictree and had a great visit with our older sister who is one of the shop owners, with her daughter. It was decided we would do a knit a long (KAL) of the Bandana Cowl from We chose Cascade Eco Wool and the suggested 16 inch circular needles. Loved the yarn, didn't like the needles. I was able to help my sister cast on in our old way, do double decreases and even venture into short row shaping. I cast off just as I was ready to go.
But even though it was beautiful in Kamloops, the Coquihalla pass was blocked by snow and spun out vehicles. After a wee bit of drama, I chose to go home by the Fraser Canyon, the Trans Canada Highway. It doesn't have the elevation for snow, but is very twisty and turny. Luckily I spotted a confident semi tractor trailer with a refrigerated box and followed him from Spences Bridge to Hope. It started to rain and got suddenly dark in Litton at 4:30. The next hour was a bit scary with tunnels and curves and steep grades, the wipers on triple and the visibility low. But, thanks to my security truck, I made it to Hope, which is almost home, and it stopped raining.
I was happy to get home to work the next day and then just relax. All roads lead to home.


Anonymous said...

The variety of weather that there is around at the moment is very interesting. We're very, very mild here at the moment (last year, we'd already had our first fall of snow) and on another blog that comes from Prince Edward Island, they too are very mild.

Kind of makes you wonder just what the coming months will bring. :-)

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Don't you LOVE your Moody Kerchief!? That last lovely picture of the house and sky, field and fence looks like an Andrew Wyeth painting!