Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful Anyway

 It's American Thanksgiving, but I got to do a little Black Friday shopping in downtown Chilliwack this morning and we had a lovely, sunny day to be thankful for.
I'm thankful the plasterers are gone last night, though they finished at 9 last night. All their plastic barrier and drop cloths are gone with them, but a lot of dust remains. Today I washed and painted the wall below their fix. It happens to be our fireplace wall, our feature wall. I'll have to do a second coat where the plaster meets the ceiling.
 I am done the endless beginning of a non-Christmas gift. I knit a couple of Santa hats and maybe squeed a little. They are charming and the opposite of a raft of garter stitch. I may be making one for me to wear at work. Is it OK to be silly at hospice? I also have a Snoopy scrub top.
 The amazing amaryllis is outdoing its predecessors. Never have I had a bulb before December. To celebrate, it is now in a sweet Christmas pot. Don't worry there will be more pictures as it grows like corn.
And a package arrived from Louisiana as part of our Knit Girllls afghan square swap. A huge package from ScottieGirl1 on Ravelry. She knit me a beautiful, soft, blue square and added so many goodies. We laughed about the American "Smarties", nothing like the ones I grew up with. I'll make the family BBQ shrimp with Dirty Rice as a treat. I'm allergic to sea food, but they love it.
And I am thankful for friends and family. Every day.

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CabbageSalad said...

Thanks for your Knit Girllls square swap that you made and sent to me. Beautiful work.