Monday, November 21, 2011

Outside Inside

Everything is topsy turvy as the workmen fix the leak in the ceiling over our fireplace. Furniture is shoved against the wall, the table is full of mantle items. 
On Thursday J came over for  knitting because I had to answer electrician questions. He must be a very desperate electrician to need answers from me. On Friday I hid in the basement and took back my crafting cupboards, moving them to the old play room and reorganizing them. Please don't touch them (don't open the cupboard and throw the stuff within a 2 meter radius!). I may have more sewing confidence now that I know where my stuff is.
I do have to say they are very tidy, but still very noisy and not easy to anticipate. Will they come this morning? Should I be here? Can I go do errands?

Oh, but outside. It has snowed and the snow stuck! Black ice and wind. Yes, in a turn around of a few hours, the winter arrived. It's as cold as November! Hats, scarves, mitts (with fingers). Last week I was walking the dog while wearing a sweatshirt and rain shell. I was going to do some weeding. Yesterday was full arctic gear.
She doesn't care. She loves weather. I filled the bird feeders and suet holder. I think the wee birds are as shocked as we are.
In knitting, I am working on some epic garter stitch that is the basis for a surprise gift, so very boring to you (and to me also). As soon as I do decrease every one of the 205 stitches I will cast on a Christmas gift or a silly Santa hat. If the hat works out, it will probably go in the gift pile anyway.
Overseas cards are finally ready to post. I always have a challenge collecting addresses. Next will be completing the Amazon orders for nieces and nephews far away. Then I'll get all the contents of the gift drawer exposed and start my plotting.

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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Makes me tired just reading of your "doings" ! Good luck on the epic garter stitch. It may by your opus!!