Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Cup of Comfort

I went to work this morning. It was a bit of a stretch with my cold, but I don't think I'm shedding virus anymore and I get to rest tomorrow. I'm in that transition time after my shower, before the troops come home to be fed and watered. Thank goodness I have my cup of tea.

Last night I picked up the Dahlia. I had ripped her back because I had some terrible "rowing out". I don't know if my  purl back was tight or loose, but I had been worried about my gauge, and I tried to manipulate it. Many bloggers have written about changing needles, or even yarn before you try to "knit differently". They're all correct. I now know I'm knitting the right size, so just knit to the 13 inch mark and make nice fabric. In music, I had an instructor who once said "piano" (play softly) means make a beautiful sound. Too often, especially in flute, you get a strangled whisper. Blow as quietly as possible while still getting a lovely sound. Sound advice.

I'm doing a 12 projects in 2012 in the Knit Bits Forum on and it's challenging my priority setting process. Apparently I have a short attention span and a very long queue. But I think it's a good idea to remember what was important to keep in mind what was important at the beginning of the year. 

So Dahlia gets knit on before I start another sweater, or even pick up my true UFO (unfinished object), my Philosopher's Wool fair isle sweater. I drove in a rain storm to a sewing fair to get this kit. It was important enough to save up for and even to make the sleeves. But I have angst about sizing and have been paralyzed. Now I have my Cassidy sweater that fits so well (except it's 2-3 inches short) to measure against. That will give me courage.

What I really need is courage and comfort. It's raining right now and I just want to disappear in a SciFi show and knit. But I have music to practice and dinner to heat up (made a roast yesterday for that purpose). I am proud that I was able to do my work today, but I was a bit behind and now I'm done in. Tonight is a quiet night in with D and Dahlia.

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17th stitch said...

Welcome back to the land of the healthy! I love your mug: it's a great balance of colors, design, and shape.