Friday, March 16, 2012

Fibres West

What a great time we had this morning in Abbotsford at Fibres West. I have gone for 5 years now, I think. I love to see it grow and change. This year there was a real shift to fibre and spinning. You could easily walk out with a Sidekick Wheel, but I'm not ready yet. Caroline Sommerfeld was there and I really think she is the most amazing spinning teacher, and her booth was filled with gorgeous colours from her Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts. She is leading the vanguard on supported spindles and has a beautiful scholarly publication on the technique and history of supported spindles.

We started at sweet georgia, looking forward to her moving sale. She is just as sweet and her colours are just as vibrant, but the sale was a bit thin. Still, I bought this teal for a swap.
Couldn't leave this superwash chunky. Probably will be a hat for D.
And this is a poor representation of trinity lace in glacier. It is really a deeper turquoise. There is enough to make a featherweight or something like it. My last attempt ended up in frogging a camo jacket. This is a rich, almost solid.
Knitopia is a special shop that is now back in White Rock. Lynne was there and helped me choose this grey-green shiny silk and merino worsted. I would love to make it into Sivia Harding's Harmonias Ring sweater. I fell for it hard. Not my usual colour, but complements my bright aquas.
The real treat was Valley Yarns! I remember meeting Julie at the first Fibres West that I attended. She floored me with her careful selection and soon after I was ordering Noro and other special yarns in the colours and amounts that I really wanted. Her customer service is awesome and delivery was quick. Great yarns aren't as far away as I sometimes feel.
Last year I bought some Shi Bui from her (which I haven't knit up yet). Again, we hit her booth last and had spent a few sheckles. Still, the selection of Hand Maiden and Malabrigo and Madeline Tosh was beyond any store I've ever been in. Next year we must go there first. Her prices are more than fair and I couldn't walk away without some yarn to mop up my drools. The Casbah actually reads more as a black. I'm going to crochet a yarmulka for a hostess gift this summer.
I needed help choosing these two malabrigos. My pattern calls for Noro Silk Garden, but these are truly gorgeous and still pretty manly for a kippa hat. When I got home, I saw this was the same Rios that I used for the trim on my brown Moody Kerchief. I must really have an affinity for this colour. Well done, Valley Yarns!
One of the great things was bumping into other knitters who should be strangers but become instant friends- thanks for saying hi from North Van! We fondled and marvelled at one another's choices and went through the choices of patterns for the new stash and what yarn and patterns went into the shawls we were wearing. Such a friendly tribe. Even when it was busy and crowded, we were laughing and chatting and agreeing that knitters are great people!


Julie said...

Thanks for the kind words. The fibre show gives me a chance to talk to people in 'real life' which I enjoy so much more that using email. I enjoy reading your blog, it really shows what a kind and caring spirit you have.

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

You surely scored!

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