Monday, March 05, 2012

March Enters Like a Lion

Our trip back to the Pacific Rainforest was uneventful. But the weather at home has been very rainy and windy. Our river is full to its banks, planters are blown over and I'm wearing several layers of hand knits to combat the damp cold.

In Tucson it was clear and sunny. I took tons of photos. We drove across the entire state (at least twice) and then to Palm Springs. Whew! There was knitting. The Qiviut scarf is more than half finished. It was the right size to carry, the right length of row to pick up and put down, and, with the cards, the right lace to keep me involved, but not making huge mistakes.

The only things that spoke "February" were the pecan groves. Barren of leaves and being trimmed and tidied, they reminded us that the 75-80 degrees and blue skies were only on loan.
We loved the saguaro cacti! Whole forests of them. They are amazingly old and were probably standing when this wild west country was settled.
At the Museum of the Desert we met a great horned owl. She flew across our path several times as she followed the path of her trainers.
And a charming little road runner who wanted to jump and climb as well as speed away.

We didn't miss the rain. But it welcomed us back anyway.


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Looks like a great trip! Good to be home, though?

Lifesastitch said...

Miss my desert. -10 in Edmonton last night, but I guess that's unseasonably warm.