Monday, March 26, 2012


 D and I hosted a Fiesta lunch to fund raise for our Mission Trip to Mexico with Project Help Mexico. We are leaving the Wednesday before Easter for the whole weekend and meeting up with some Calgary friends to build a dormitory onto a foster home that D helped build last year. Our high school sent a team for many years, but with the job action/strike it is not possible.
We planned for 75 guests for right after church.
 I made a six times batch of corn bread to go with D's famous vegetarian chilli. Also a 5 times batch of brownies and carrot and celery sticks.
Saturday, after work, we set up the hall and had a bit of fiesta doing that. There were about 60 people and we surpassed our fundraising goals. We are blessed to have the support of our church. Maybe next time we can get a real team to come out.
This weekend I go to Ucluelet, near Tofino with three knitters for my first ladies' weekend. We are taking some of the chili.
I will be knitting on the Dahlia. The right front is done and I have picked up for the left. But I had to knit my Knit Girllls Afghan Square for the swap (it's blocking) and cast on the Kippah.
I started the Kippah last week, but couldn't manage the brioche increases in two colours in the round on night shift brain. I couldn't keep track of what row I was on and couldn't tink back in the brioche. It went better this morning.
So floors are clean, laundry done, dog walked. I'm off to town to copy letters for our Green Heart Warm Heart scarf initiative and continue my to do list fiesta.

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Life's a Stitch said...

Have a wonderful trip. That's a shame about the job action affecting such good work.

I lovvvve corn bread. That's why I don't cook it.