Monday, April 02, 2012

Travel With Friends

This was my first "weekend with the girls". My friends have had long standing annual trips with others and we decided it was time to set one up for us. There was shared driving, which meant a mix of seat mates in the front or middle seats of the old van. There was a ferry ride (knitting in public) and home made soups and lunches out and lots of knitting.
 After lunch on Saturday we drove to Tofino, about 25 minutes, to poke around. Right away we found a delightful wool shop next to a jeweller who gave bonus chocolate. A little coffee and the circle would be complete!
 Felted orcas and bears, oh my!  If you're thinking of doing the BC trip, it would be incomplete without Tofino. We drove past the Clayoquat Sound rainforest on windy roads that, surprisingly, had bits of the sea out of both sides of the road.
 On Sunday we had brunch at Black Rock Resort. This has to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever been!
 Our resort was on the quiet side of the peninsula and we had better weather (most of the time) than they had at home. I elected to go for a walk instead of a spa facial or massage (I'm getting over my hesitation slowly, but would rather start with our local Powder Room).
 The view from Long Beach was, as always, spectacular. But the rain was pretty medieval and I was the only one who would get out of the car. I could have had a long walk and then gone back for a tub bath and knit by the fire. I did get the knit by the fire.
 Did these logs know the devastation of the Japanese events of last year? A fishing boat has been spotted higher up on the coast. It reminds me to knit the mitered cross blanket. I thought I could raffle it, too for the Red Cross, or similar cause.
 I spied a very cold and wind blown heron on my walk. Turned around as it started to rain, so there is still much to explore in this area.
And we were lucky enough to celebrate a birthday with the very best Victoria Sponge cake.
Hope to venture out again next year, to repeat the best parts, discover new delights, and to delight in the company of knitters.

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