Thursday, April 19, 2012


When the thimble berries bloom, the hummingbirds aren't far behind. We have a huge bank of these humble flowers across the river in our back yard. I hope to put out some fucshia plants this year to encourage them. We have trouble keeping up with the sugar water feeders but want them to feel welcome.

I have been working a lot this last week and a half. I love the people I work with and I love being there for my patients and their families. But it has knocked my schedule off a bit.
I missed a bass guitar lesson when I had to stay late, and I don't know when I can make it up.
(When Emily started Highland Dance classes she was 4 years old. The teacher was sick and scheduled a make up class. Em started to cry when she found it wasn't a class in putting on make up but just more  dancing.)

University classes are over and exams begun. Maybe Scott will come home next week. That may mean taking a day trip across the ferry to Victoria. I had planned a visit with an old friend, but she'd probably like to come along.

Today I have an interesting workshop on Children and Grieving. It is mostly for the Hospice volunteers, I think, but I was invited and look forward to this good speaker. I did an inservice in Nursing School on how children envision death.

But I need to squeeze in more visits to friends who are unwell or in hospital getting better. I think I'll go this evening instead of to choir because I may not make it to church. I wish I had time to bake. Fresh fruit is going to have to suffice.

I took a knit shawl to a dear old friend who has moved to a higher level of care. She was so gracious and lovely, but didn't remember me. I was pleased she remembered her grandchildren whom I taught Sunday School years ago.

If I think my friends and family are more important than "things", then this is the way my life will look. You are welcome to come over and share a cup of tea, but don't mind the messy floors.

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Linda said...

Best wishes to your children for exam season. It's an anxious time for parents too.