Sunday, April 22, 2012

Palliative Knitting

It has come to this. I joined a knit a long with friends who were excited about the interesting construction of this Dahlia Cardigan. I had the yarn already and wanted to knit with non-virtual friends. Right away there were problems with the gauge, steps, ripping out and forging ahead.
I really just wanted it finished so I could get along with other projects.
I put it on my 12 in 2012 list to make me work on it.
Can you hear where this is going.
Yesterday, taking it out again after a period of neglect I looked for the unused skeins of yarn. Three? I still needed to do one front and two sleeves. That can't be right. I had ten!
 I called my friend, J, to talk me off the ledge.
Did you look in your other knitting bags? Is it in the hidden stash inside the footstool? Was it left behind. Can you tell she has experience as a mom?
 How much does it weigh now? 320g. From a total of 500. Oh no.
There's the truth. I don't even have enough wool to finish it.
Thanks to Three Bags Full for responding to my PM. I didn't think you'd have more. Mission Falls is a late wool producer.
This is a late sweater.
I can no longer linger in the state of denial. I have moved through anger and am rapidly approaching the state of acceptance that this sweater will either be frogged or be the death of me.
Still, J's wisdom is to wait 24 hours.
Sigh. It pains me that I liked it so little, that I have to let go of my poor choices and decision making skills.
Oh well, look at the pretty mittens.

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