Friday, April 27, 2012

April Showers

 We have a shower of Finished Objects (FO's). I stitched this bag for our choir director to thank her personally. We also take a collection for flower money, but I wanted to express my thanks. This was truly a catch up week, sandwiched between two busy work weeks.
 Here is the kippa. The pattern says it can be just a hat, or an object worn in observance of humility in a place of worship. You can't see how the malabrigo glows. I love this colour combination and would like to make a vest like it.
 But it may have been one of the most challenging knits I've ever done. Starting with i-cord and increasing in two colours over brioche stitch pattern. Whew! Now I want to make another because I have this skill. The pattern was influenced by the Pecan Pie Beret in I have almost crocheted a simple yarmulke to go with this gift because I don't know if our host wears a head-covering at his synagogue, and I don't know if he is very conservative, or likes a kick of colour.
 For his wife, our lovely hostess, who once knit for my babies, I have a linen Multnomah. I think it is the best use of this hand painted linen. Unfortunately, the last one-third of the skein was riddled with knots and some of them I missed. There was mending in the blocking stage. Still I'm pleased with it, and I hope she is too.
 This will take a while to soften, but it has lovely drape.
And not to forget my walking buddy and constant companion, her crocheted cushion cover is complete and it is not only soft, but will help hide the shedding hairs.
Already I have cast on the camel and silk Taize shawl that I will be knitting on our trip. The eighth nephew sweater has part of a sleeve, and the two unfinished shawls that somehow got put aside during the Christmas fuss have reared their heads and demanded some attention.
The light is bright enough to get back to the black Frost Flowers.
I hope to plant the front door pots and put the old daffodils and irises in the spring garden bed. There is weeding to do because the poor light and rain have been perfect for encouraging the dandilions and buttercups. Luckily we have lots of rhododendrons which are native to this area and don't mind the heavy rains. And I have been using my time to finish projects and hide from the rains.

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