Sunday, May 06, 2012

Favourites, Old and New

 My favourite flower is the apple blossom. I love how the colours shift from pink to white. I love the promise of fruit and how the flower may not even know how beautiful it is, because it has a purpose and a future. We have a very special old apple tree near the river in our back garden.
Yesterday I pulled some weeds: two wheelbarrows full of buttercup. I don't mind buttercup, but it chokes my flowers and it is an insult that it is the best growing thing right now. The end of the rain is the best time to pull weeds because they are satiated and relaxed and don't resist.
My lily of the valley is blooming, I brought one sweet blossom in. After the first blossoms of magnolia and snowdrops, I lose track of the blossoms. The lilacs and dogwoods are doing their best to catch my attention. Maybe now, after working so much this week and preparing for our choir concert, I can spend more time outside.
I'm loving walking the dog while listening to the Night Circus. I'm loving doing anything while listening to the Night Circus. I'm supposed to be reading Henry James' The Ambassadors, but it's slow pace and subtle plot don't connect with me right now. Not my favourite. Shall I be obstinate at book club?
My new favourite is this Silk Moon Crescent Shawlette by Jaala Spiro that I saw on Susan B. Anderson's blog. I bought Aya, a silk and cotton Noro blend in No. 4 which has just a hint of the yellow of my handbag. It was a delightful garter stitch knit for a week of early mornings at busy work and late nights of practice. Perfect intersection with this week and a finished object! This will come to Africa with me later this month.
This afternoon we have another concert. I made up vases of flowers to decorate the church and to be given after the show today to our choir director and accompanist.  I asked someone from the front row to present them.
The pieces are carefully chosen for our voices and to connect with the "Earth Sings" theme. I will be drumming in the African harvest piece, Kaki Lambe, and in the final "Africa" (as sung by Toto in my youth). Emily drummed for us last night and I know the children's choir will miss her today, but I hope no one else notices much. If you're a good drummer, no one notices you at all.
Several of the pieces can be filed under new favourites, and I will miss being with my choir friends, but will love having Monday night free.


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

That is a beautiful picture of the apple blossom. The pinks and whites are gorgeous.

Am going to check out that shawlette by J. Spiro. You are doing a great job with those colors! Love it.

Sherri ~ daintytime said...

I agree with Nancy - what a beautiful photo of the apple blossom. Fantastic color inspiration for a quilt or a shawl, or remodeling the colors in a bedroom!


Linda said...

How exciting about your Africa trip. I'd love to hear a clip of your choir.
Coincidentally I just posted a clip of my daughter's school choir and orchestra from their recent trip to Poland. Daughter is a soloist in the 2nd duet in Bach's 'Wachet auf' - she says she had done too much singing the day that clip was recorded!