Saturday, May 26, 2012

South of South

We travelled 30 hours to Cape Townvia Amsterdam (and our luggage didn't to see Africa and visit some generous friends whom we really barely know. Anthony and Elizabeth teach at the University of Cape Town, she is in Medieval Studies. She knit for my babies, so you know she's alright. It took us a while to catch p with ourselves. On the plane we read and I knit as we watched different shows and movies. KLM is very generous. Our first day we walked up to Rhodes Memorial and then went into the bush to find the road to Kirstenbosh and the botanical gardens. We hiked up and down the dense bush of the Devils Peak on Table Mountain and were lucky to find our way down to the road. We did have a guide. But we were too tired that night to sleep. The next day it rained and we copied up on the house for the most part. Today was lovely mixed weather and we drove down to the Cape Point National Park to hike to the second most southerly point on the continent. There were antelope and marmotty things and birds and flowers and trees to knock you out. You know you're in Africa when there's a mama baboon in the parking lot. I'm struggling a bit with my iPad so I'll try to link some photos in edit.

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