Monday, May 21, 2012

Time Zone

 I finished the baby layette for the Fair-Share class in August. These will be donated to the Hospital after the fair. I still need to block them, but they seemed to go together rather quickly.
 Plus I knit a maple leaf to do some yarn bombing on Canada Day (July1) in Africa. This was a freaky, follow the directions and get a leaf pattern. Quite brilliant.
I'm just packing on this long weekend Monday. The kiddles come home tonight and we'll curl up with pizza and a video as if it were a Friday night. We can't stay up too late, because we've been changing our internal clocks and getting up before 0500! With the cold rain, it feels as if we already lost our summer. But when we get back at the end of June, the garden will have changed. I won't have any bleeding hearts, columbine, solomon's seal or lily of the valley. Sure glad I enjoyed them now.
I have set up my Ravelympics knitting. I'm on Team Owlie from Tiny Owl Knits and I'm doing the WIP Wrestling event, trying to finish my Black Flowers shawl.
I'll be taking the Taize shawl in the Marakkesh by Hand Maiden in a bollywood colorway.♥
I learned to insert hearts like all the good owlies.
Now is the time I will be shutting down my computer and living off the ipad. Wish me luck. I'll try to post pictures if I can, and we will be updating on Facebook while we're away.
Take care.

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