Saturday, May 12, 2012

Small things.

 Today is warm and sunny and I am out on the deck with my breakfast coffee. Yesterday at work I was dozy until about 0900, but I had a great partner and we helped each other with the early risers, serving breakfast and early pain medications to invest in a good day.
What a treat to be reading blogs and answering mail in the sunshine.
What I really like about some of the blogs I read are the pictures of people in community and the insights others have into their own lives. I don't include many pictures of people because this is largely an underground blog. I am reaching out beyond my friends and family to the knitters who have connected with me. I try not to post a picture of someone without their permission, and that would mean bringing up the blog.
Perhaps there are lurkers from my real life who read this to try to understand me in my quiet moments. But that's a bit like reading my journal. These are not secret thoughts, but ones that belong with those caring and sharing crafters who make up much of the magic of my knitting life.
Thank you for your support and comments, and for making your own blogs so warm and interesting.
 I taught crochet at the Common Threads knit night last week and it was a great success. It helped that I had an exceptional learner who brought the cutest pattern. We both ended up with baby hats. I'm trying to convince Emily to make them to sell. It's the embellishments that make the difference.
I started the baby layette for the Fair Share class that I cooked up and my Mom pushed through at the fair board. We have a judged class for baby sweater/hat/booties and all the items are donated to the hospital. I'm making up a prize basket for a draw and have decided to do all baby knit/crochet treats. Now I have a theme, I can have some fun hunting for little things.
And I found time to knit an afghan square for the Knit Girllls swap. I'm sending it with little doo dads and chocolate to the UK.
These swaps are also a great way to connect with other knitters. Just a little square, but over time it builds into a warm afghan.
Like the flowers of the dogwood, so small and simple, but together make a stunning tree.


Lesley said...

I love the colour of your afghan square and the baby hat looks so sweet.
I'm going to show my total ignorance here ;-) - what is the Knit Girls swap?

LoriAngela said...

The Knit Girllls is a video podcast. I've been a fan since it's first episode. Leslie and Lala are from Mississippi and are real people and real friends. They post on Mondays and have a board on Ravelry. The afghan square swap is a game of sorts where we are given a swap pal to knit for and send the knit square with some knit goodies and sweets in the mail, and receive a similar treat from a new friend.

Linda said...

I know what you mean about sharing your blog. I feel something the same.