Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Temporal Ping Pong

The inaugural run of the Jenny going all the way to Simonsville (I know, it doesn't mean much to me either.

We spent the day driving around in the rain and visiting some very nice wineries. The road got a bit windy and steep in sections and D got a bit peaked even though I was the one in the back seat.

There is a certain amount of sitting around in the chilly house while our hosts are attending to their real loves, so I'm grateful for Internet contact from home. None from the kids yet, but friends and knitters are doing their bit.
The weird thing is that when I'm getting up in the morning, North America is going to bed and vice versa. I send out an email and have to wait till the next morning for a reply. Rather like the days of snail mail.
Tomorrow D and I go poking about the waterfront and downtown.
There has been knitting, my Taize shawl that is in the colours of all the orange, pink and purple flowers. My hostess is cranking out baby hats like no one's business. They are for a local maternity ward and she can almost make two a day, knitted flat with stripes and seamed.

Sometimes it doesn't seem like I'm in Africa. Just another British colony, or the Dutch part of the Fraser Valley. Looking forward to some direct contact with the locals.
Good luck we'll have a fire tonight as we sit and visit and test the bottles we bought today

Location:Salford Rd,Cape Town,South Africa

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cjbj said...

Sounds pretty great so far, I am thinking of you.garry still in hospital, hopes to get out on or before the weekend. Met Lisa,s new b f.. frances c., I think we will get along fine. Made 5 rectangles for a simple baby sweater, a few new ones popping out, maybe some one won't know it is my first sweater. Gotta run, more later.