Thursday, May 31, 2012

Moving Along

Yesterday we braved the Cape Town train and downtown. The Castle, really more of a fort like the Citadel, was charming and well presented. It is till a working garrison and has a nice museum of the governor's home. Very simple, a bit sparse, but beautiful European aesthetics and a nice mix of cultures and customs, almost all of them new to us.
We enjoyed meeting the very friendly people with their lovely manners and mostly fluent English.
The walk to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront was a bit long and hot, but we seem to do that sort of thing on holiday when others would figure out transport.
Some great shops in the hotel we first came upon, next to the Tow Oceans Aquarium. Repurposed and hand made lovelies, and a women's initiative shop of weaving and carving. Pretty well met our wishes for souvenirs and I was able to hunt out the books and chocolates for our hosts. Neil Gaiman, you know.
We had some time before we were collected for supper, so we found ourselves in our native habitat, the Scottish Ale House. It was a lovely, exhausting day.
Today I was a bit punky and not well in the night. My hostess cheered me up with a sale at the used book store down the street in support of thenRural Child Fund, and a stop at an interesting wool warehouse that didn't have anything I would call souvenir yarn.
Tomorrow we fly to Victoria Falls, so I must get to my repacking, and maybe another walk up to the Rhodes

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cjbj said...

Hoping you are feeling better and having a wonderful time.