Friday, September 21, 2012

Pregnant Pause

 When I got home from the ranch, there was a wonderful package for me from anotherhornfrog (Ravelry name) of the Knit Girllls Afghan Square Swap (KGASS).
 This is a group that has 4 squares swapped a year, and I love adding goodies. The post is starting to get expensive, but the treat of receiving is so delightful. She also gave me the Pagona shawl pattern from Stephen West. I have sent my fourth square package and now have a wait for the next sign ups.
 This is what I'm not knitting. Last year the short rows and the math of the lovely Volna scarf stopped me. I picked it up again this year (it's for an October birthday) and tried again, ripped it out again, and just ditched it. Now I'm knitting the Argosy scarf, which is a bit narrow, and the Fame Trend yarn has an unfortunate dark grey colour shift, but the math is just right. A real Goldilocks scarf. I shall knit it again from other colour change yarn. No pictures until after the birthday. She says she doesn't read blogs, but she's travelling and may miss me. I miss her.
The window at electrictree yarns in Kamloops says Winter is Coming. I'm still wearing sandals and capri pants. I bring my sweater with me, because I've got a good mother, but I can't wear it for the heat. Still I'm starting to panic as I look at all I need to knit before Christmas.
The two babies I needed to knit for this September are still not here. I haven't been to yoga for a while (aiming at next Tuesday) but the other one will be induced today I heard. Last year at this time I was knitting for Theo who will soon be one.
I have planned two almost matchy stripey sweaters for the December twins in our clinic. I can start them when I finish this scarf and the nephew #8 sweater which has most of a back and both sleeves.
I'm also deep in my book, Forty Words For Sorrow by Giles Blunt. It's a mystery set in Algonquin Bay in Northern Ontario. It's a bit grim for me, but look at the title. I accidentally read the second book first and enjoyed it enough to pick up this one.
I had my own little work bee in the garden this week. Several wheel barrows full of weeds were torn from the hard, dry earth. Poor roses were clipped back to about 3 feet. D cut down a tree last year, so the flowers that thrived and those that faded are all different. I will let the garden decide gradually who want to grow there. But I feel the urge to plant some hydrangeas. I just need to wait for the rain to return. This is not our usual weather. But the fog has begun in Vancouver, and the weather is set to change.
D and I finished watching MASH last night. We were part of the fans who watched it a lot while it was on air. I remember it being a big gathering show when I was at UBC in the '80's. MIL gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago (5?) and we have been watching it when 30 minutes is all the time we have to share. When it finished, I was just out of the Reserve Medical Forces, and they used our tents for a party at the Bayshore Inn. I was at home preparing for nursing school, so I also had all the emotions of the loss of my army friends and the fear of a move to another province.
Now I'm in my own home with my own stash and my own garden, and the kids are away at school. It didn't take long, really.
But I made it through. I remember knitting then to soothe me and reach out to my nephews. A lot of what I knit didn't fit me, so I knit blankets and baby things.
Not much has changed, but I knit better blankets and baby things. And now the babies are all tall men. And there are new babies on the horizon. I bought the yarn, but can't start knitting for my next great-niece/nephew until the Christmas knitting is done. We do look forward to the baby.

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