Monday, September 03, 2012

Seasons Change

 My Mom gave me money for my birthday because she wanted me to choose my yarn. I sure did. The Vintage DK knit up beautifully in the Piper's Journey,
 and the complementary honeycomb mitts were quick, too. They really are closer to equal size in real life.
 I finished this baby sweater with a band of fuchsia because I didn't start with a full ball. I love the pattern from Single Skein Sock Yarn book, but would probably substitute another 8 stitch lace pattern next time.
I haven't blocked anything yet because our living room was full of boxes. For over a week we lived as if under siege. But the day has come.
Our baby has her own apartment. 
This is going to be a bit of a shock when it settles in. We have already done some major house cleaning (and it will stay clean for a while), and can only dream of having a bit of order in my life.
With the big carnivorous boy back at university, and the daughter and all her hair accessories and clothes and trumpet music ensconced in her own place, we will be living with change every day here.
But the kids are grown up and managing fine. There will be speed bumps, but they have good friends and tools for living.
I will take it easy today and tomorrow as I'm recovering from a pretty serious bladder infection and will be launching my new 12 hour shifts on Wednesday. Everyone say, "ick" with me.
Right now I'm just knitting the little mittens. I didn't have the space to wind my Colour Affection Shawl  yarn that I bought for when the heat broke.  
Maybe I'll do that now and be reinvigorated for the new season.

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