Thursday, September 27, 2012

Now With New Content

 Last Saturday some friends from my knitting group (as seen in the newspaper article highlighted in the last post) went on a road trip. We had a Google map, an iphone app and very poor sense of direction. But the Lower Mainland Sheep Producers Association did a great job of signage and we were being very brave. There were 85 fleeces judged and spinners and vendors. Almost as soon as we arrived, we were directed to the sheering.
 Lamby is about 5 months old and this brave man sheered it in one go. They placed it on a wire frame, "skirted" it (removed the poo) and then did a tutorial on judging. Now I know some of the important facts for choosing a fleece. Plus I got to compare the fleeces of different breeds. There were wheels there, too. Oh, the siren song of spinning.
My rule has been that I have to finish my novel before I can buy a spinning wheel. But Caroline and Patricia (my niece and my aunt) from electrictree yarns, have been open to doing an introductory spinning lesson, maybe in the spring or next fall. It makes me pretty excited.
Lots of the podcasters I listen to are also spinners.
I bought some handspun. I have access to some pretty great batts.
So I started writing. I'm using the Scrivner program which is set up so nicely. I can go from plugging in character details to plot line to back to the chapters with their summaries. I don't remember where I heard about it, but I am on my way.
Plus I went back to yoga yesterday because my sore muscles had healed enough that I wasn't afraid to hurt myself further. I'm so glad I went. It takes quite a bit of courage, especially when you've been away for a while. But I had a great class!
One of my friends came up to me the other day and said, "I hear you make the best French onion soup. I have to give you some of my onions." How great is that?!! These are the most beautiful, large, sweet onions ever. Thanks so much. You can see my chicken soup behind them, she caught me finishing it.
We are having roast tonight, so I think I'll make a small pot with beef broth.
The mornings are chilly and soups and stews are just hitting the spot. The days are still warm, so I have been fighting the ironing. I like to watch DVDs while I iron in the basement, and I don't like to go down there in the bright daylight. But when the weather changes, it doesn't matter. I may even get my quilt made.
I finished the scarf that is a gift and I can't talk about. I'm a bit disappointed in the colours of the wool. I ripped it back because it was too long, and spliced the good colour for the end. Totally cheating.
Colour Affection is started over with the yarn over edging as per Paula's Hyla Brook shawl. I have 8 stripes, but couldn't work on it at knitting night because I was teaching our newspaper reporter how to purl. I worked on the nephew sweater last night and am almost up to the arm holes.
My time is wildly scattered, but I am able to focus on each project a bit before I flit to the next one. I feel like I'm reinventing myself again.

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