Saturday, October 06, 2012

Giving Thanks

 It's Thanksgiving in Canada. I made turkey stew and today I make biscuits so we can have a laid back meal with out kids and their friends. There are pies and carrot cake, too. I'm planning to get some strawberry sorbet so we can drizzle it in tequila and call it Marguerita.

The corn is being harvested. But the brussel sprouts are not. Apparently we buy American brussel sprouts for our Thanksgiving, and they buy ours for theirs. Don't you think that's a nice neighbourly arrangement? No brussel sprouts in my house, thanks.
 Plums and apples and dahlias, oh my. Go for the Ambrosia apples! They are even better than the Jonagolds.
 Last weekend was a bit scary with the civic taking a hit. An old lady blew through a red light and crashed into my baby (not the aggressive language). Everyone was OK but we are in a rental car for the foreseeable future. I am so thankful that there were no injuries and the little car can be fixed.
 There has been a bit of knitting. Mostly working 12 hour shifts and feeling so tired. But I want to get through the 3 colour section on the Colour Affection because it's too fiddly. The last section is just charcoal. The weather has changed a bit. It's still dry, but cooler, so I could actually wear this, plus socks, plus my new boots. Thanks.
And because of the newspaper coverage, we are inundated with scarves for the Christmas Dinner at the Salvation Army. I had to go after work to knit night on Tuesday and I helped a lady tink back her fuzzy poncho, and another to turn a heel on her toe up sock. What a great community we live in. There are knitters out there who are as hungry to connect as I have been.
My friends are back from their month in Italy, safe and tired. Great thanks.
Tonight is just feasting, tomorrow is feasting. We are so grateful!

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