Monday, October 15, 2012

Love and Affection

 Autumn has arrived with its colour changes, cooler rain and foggy mornings. I was ready for this. It was a rather difficult summer for me with aches and pains and hot flashes. Thank goodness for Bikram Yoga because you can't tell if you're having a hot flash. I didn't go often enough last month and I am so glad to be back. I may have sore muscles from exercising, but having no muscles hurts much more in the long run. And some of  my 12 hour shifts could be considered the long run.
 Emily's anemone is blooming bravely. She broke up with her boyfriend and, though we are sad for her, we are proud of her adult behaviour. Like her flower, she is both delicate and strong.
 Me, I'm being a kid and knitting robot mittens of love. Love this pattern! I've knit them a bit too tightly, but they will be warm for one of my 2 year old grand nephews. I hope to make another pair, a little different for the other boy. This may slightly ruin the surprise for my readers, but the great nephews aren't reading yet (that I'm aware of). I celebrate their brash boyishness.
The Colour Affection is cast off. I made a mistake in the wrap and turn rows by knitting past just 2 stitches (including the wrapped stitch) so it's much longer. Math gone awry! I struggled with the three yarns all wrappy and misbehaved. I should have talked to my friends when I couldn't figure out the instructions. When I knew I made a mistake and still had to persevere through long rows, I lost a bit of steam. Disheartening. But it was too much knitting to rip out.
It is still beautiful yarn and colours, but it has this awkward tentacle-like appendage on one side. Ew. When I wrap it, I hope to disguise it.
I am over shawls. Every skein of yarn I buy, I dream of what shawl it can be. But I miss socks, and guess what, I have lovely sock yarn that no longer wants to be shawls. Some of it wants to be mittens!
I love the Ravelry search option that allows me to search the patterns in my own library. Time to stop always reaching for the new and shiny. What do I have that I already love? Right now I love mittens, so don't be shocked if you see a few more. I am onto Christmas knitting. It always starts as a short list and morphs to take all my time.
Just finished tiny mitten number 16 for the banner.
After the robot mittens, and nephew number 8 sweater I dream of knitting.... surprises.
In the new year I will cast on for a baby blanket and a shawl for a choir friend. And a blue sweater for myself, probably Twist, because I only have about 6 sweaters worth of blue wool. I already have the sweater and it's very close to the Cassidy I knit from the same designer. Repetition is a good practice for improving my knitting and my fitting.
Practice love and blogging.

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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

The color affection has great colors! You won't notice that little blip.