Saturday, October 27, 2012


 I love a big project. I plan for months, hoard yarn and make piles of patterns to choose from. Some people only knit little accessories, but I like to read heavy tomes, practice for big concerts, and knit big sweaters. This has been an extra big project. And I'm close to being done. One sweater away. But this sweater, which I cast on April 10 has been slowly growing next to my chair where we watch TV. This is for nephew #8.
I have an extra large soaking basin because these boys are all over 6 foot 2. Plus my old basin was used to clean D's work shoes when he had to trudge through "sticky donkey poo". I let him have the basin for his own after that. I'm generous that way.
 Here lies the "Ins and Outs" sweater of Diamond Tempo Chunky (with the just right 25% wool)on the newly vacuumed carpet. I decided to block the pieces before I sewed them because I read your blogs and I am trying to heed your advice. I also crocheted the side seam. Very slick. Especially good because the first time I sewed the sleeves to one another. It comes out like a zipper. But it stays after you weave in all the ends.
There is a theme to these sweaters: cables, plain colours and long arms.
Sorry about making you crick your neck. I turned the photo but it didn't take. With computers, I don't have to do it again a different way. I just wait and do it the same way and it might work. No logic there.
Because the sweater is ribbed, I hope it will fit this young man who will turn 22 next month. He's tall and slim, but he's pretty buff, too. He works in the bush, so maybe this could be his apres work hanging out and chillin' sweater. He has a girlfriend, so I should get some extra points from her, as long as she doesn't steal it (I think my BIL lost a sweater to a fellow med student, but I really liked her). There is a Karma to sweaters. The investment is not lost as long as the sweater is loved.
My next one finishes the nephew project with my own godson. I look forward to checking it off my to do list, but I feel bittersweet about turning to new projects. I would feel regret if I had not reached out to these special men who are sons of my sisters, and of course the awesomeness that is my only niece on my side. I have the yarn and pattern ready to go for the last sweater, as soon as I get some Christmas knitting finished.
It takes a lot of persistence, stick-to-it-tiveness, perspicacity.

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