Monday, October 22, 2012

Blustery Bustle

The wind is dancing with the leaves. It has been rather dry (until it rains like a monsoon) and we have leaves like the rest of Canada, instead of the brown mush in the gutters that can be our norm.
I have been delving into music with 2 choirs and playing bass guitar at church. Gotta love U2! I also lead 2 drumming workshops this weekend and it was as inspiring and exciting as it was exhausting.
I was loaned a DVD series, Injustice by BBC and knit my way through the 5 episodes in 2 nights.
D was away and I could indulge.
I am very close to finishing the cabled nephew sweater, but then I start the finishing. I think I'll try to crochet the long seams as Carin, from Round the Twist, did on her Strange Moon sweater.
I am almost done the second robot mitten. Two more in slightly different blues.
I am knitting the 18th of 24 little mittens for my Christmas Banner/Advent Calendar.
I have a list of Christmas knitting that I thought was small, but was really just incomplete.
Yoga this morning, and hopefully 2-3 times a week. I am improving and need the encouragement to keep moving. The big black dog also likes to move, but her walks are getting shorter as she ages and her hips become more sore. My sister lost her golden retriever last week, same age as my Carly, and we are sad for her and for our own future. But we'll keep playing with her and enjoying her companionship.
How else would I find myself in a field of autumn leaves?

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cjbj said...

How fun..or not, are those tiny mittens?

Sorry to hear your sweet lab is aging, I know howyas feel.

Can you take me with you sometime to the hot yoga, would like to try it.

Hugs,17 enable
Cjbj aka caroljanie