Saturday, September 08, 2012

What I Have Learned

September is a season of newness. I'm not going back to school this year, but that doesn't mean I'm not learning a few things about myself. I've had to take a few weeks off yoga because I was battling an infection and I learned I can count on my friends to help me realize when I am unwell. Thanks for the gentle hints. 
I learned that it's worth it to scrub the bathroom and lay out towels and flowers, because tomorrow they will still be tidy. And you can have your friends over without a fuss because the house is free from teenagers.
I can still take the old black dog for short walks as her hips allow, and I love walking next to the corn- as much as I used to love riding my horse next to it. 
Even though it's nearing fall, this is glorious summer weather and it doesn't want to quit. The evenings and mornings are cooler and darker and it is such a blessing to sleep in a cool room.
I have learned that I love modern architecture and I lust after this house, built in an older neighbourhood.
It just popped up between a "B.C. box" and a bungalow. But the use of space and windows is so intriguing. I'd love to put one up where the cheap, sad houses are falling apart on the street where we get our mail.
I learned that I can manage 12 hour shifts, so I may not have to look for a new job. I was sad when they took away my 8 hour shifts. But right now I feel I can give better care because it's the same amount of work spread over a longer time. Next month I will try night shifts, yuck. But they know they need to hire another RN because I can't cover everything. I like the nurses I work with and I love my patients and caring for them. I only work about 1 shift a week now, so I can keep up with everything else.
I am loving the time to knit and read. This book, bloom, by Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things blog, is so rich in its openness and sharing of love and grief. You'd think I would get enough grief in hospice, but I have loved reading her blog. I like learning that it's not just shiny pictures, but fine print.
I have learned I can finish a project even when there is no deadline and I have run out of yarn. I love the One Skein Sock Book, and the Socks That Rock lightweight. With this project I have achieved two goals: knitting from stash, and knitting from my book shelf. There will be a baby girl.
I have learned that it's OK to have a busy weekend. We can go to friends' houses for BBQs two night in a row and not be exhausted. We usually protect ourselves. Friday night is home made pizza and videos with the kids. We have always looked forward to the cocooning. But they have moved out and we can eat anything we like, or even go to a concert like we did last night, Al Stewart, a fundraiser for the Great Blue Heron Reserve. Today we are having the pipe band over for a BBQ and I made a few salads and set out some bowls of chips and we are OK.
And I learned that we are liking this quiet home. I miss my kids and keep in touch by text almost every day. But they are strong and capable. I am already excited about having them and their friends over for Thanksgiving (October 8) and I think I'll make turkey stew and biscuits because we'll get the full turkey dinner at other homes.
Next week I get to go to the ranch for the round up. I am so excited to be moving cattle on horseback again. Scary, like canoeing down the Zambezi, but I have learned I can handle a little dose of scary.

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Linda said...

It is a time of very mixed emotions, isn't it? My two are both now away at university. We miss them both very much, but I'm excited for them for everything they're doing and have in front of them.