Friday, January 05, 2007

Walking in the Rain

I'm really hooked on this Run-a-go-go. Thanks Rachel and Scout. I went out in the slushy snow this morning with the dog, Carly and it went well, thanks to Melissa Etheridge.
Yesterday I ran away to Vancouver with one of my best friends. We shopped and saw the Painted Veil at the charming 5th Avenue Theatre. What grown up fun. We brought our knitting, but didn't make it up to W. 10th to Urban Yarns. Just as good as I'm on a stash diet. I'll take her later.

Tonight we potluck with all the friends from our book club and their families. I am disappointed that my family is not more enthusiastic. But I've been disappointed before and survived. They'll have a great time once we're there. The good news is they missed me yesterday.

I hope to knit while I prepare my potluck goodies. The trunk of the topdown raglan is growning. I was so discouraged on Wednesday. My scale said I had gained 5 lbs. The heaviest I have been since my surgery July 04. But today it went back down. Still, reason enough to accept that my own behavior might be involved in my weight and my health. I'm trying to be back on the core diet. It is the best choice for my wellness. Wish me luck.