Monday, January 26, 2009


This is Scotty's birthday. Eighteen. To celebrate he is writing a French final. Woo hoo.
And Happy Australia Day.
On Saturday he did his Grade 10 piano exam in Vancouver, and then we went to "Fat Burger". We don't know what to get him. Probably an iphone. We need to be able to reach him and his regular cell phone is lost or stolen. Or hiking boots because he wants to do the West Coast Trail for grad and then tree planting.
He is level headed and creative in a safe way. He's always been a good fit for me, even as a wee (6lb 8 oz) baby.

His piano teacher is really going to miss him, but she just lives down the street.
He learned to knit when he was 8 and made a scarf for his best friend (with help) that year.
When he graduates he want to go to UVIC. He studied piano there one summer, and his friends are going there. It's a nice mid-sized place. But the ferries could kill us: expensive and unreliable. Times have changed since I spent my summers in Victoria with Aunt Anna.
I may do my nursing degree through UVIC. Hmmm. Could I crash in his dorm? Probably not.

My brutal weekend is over. I ended up at my in-laws with a fever and being abused about being the only one who showed up. Well, turn off the TV for starts. It was awful. I actually said to my FIL, "Do you want me to leave?"
I have a busy and productive life and don't need to be treated like crap when I'm supposed to be a guest. Since I was 15, I have had trouble feeling welcome in their house, and the other daughters-in-law have had similar.
Saturday: take Scott across the river to his piano exam and be proud mom. Lunch with bestest best friend and her similarly piano finished son.
Burns Dinner: help D emcee a crowd of 350. Give Immortal Memory. Much applause
Sunday: Lead worship with January Jazz and funny childrens' time, sermon, prayers-whole nine yards. Great fun and warm feelings.
Then: crap from inlaws.
Went home early and went to bed to sweat off pain and fever.
In my own family, I am the youngest and kept in my place, but at least recognized for all I have accomplished. Won't be hurrying back up the hill again.
PS Not much knitting, just worked on the cably sleeve during Scott's exam.
Next: creative writing, sewing development and general finding my pre-study life again.

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Angie said...

Happy Birthday to Scottie! He's quite a handsome young man.

Sorry for your horrible time, in-law and health wise. I hope you're feeling much better now. *big hugs*