Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Over

The blow-up carolling Winnie the Pooh was not a tasteful choice in the Christmas lights. This is just depressing.

This is the snow I have always known. Grey and melting in the gutters. We have had a month of the white stuff with no way of dealing with impassable roads and a state of emergency called with flooding from the thaw. My basement is dry, thanks for asking.

The aftermath of the snowman. I saw about three of these. I like the hand-knit scaf.And why does no one fly south these days? Is it the economy? We have year-round ducks in our river, but we let the dog chase geese. They are dangerous and very messy. They have caused all sorts of social and health problems in the parks of our continent. I have heard them referred to as "Soup Kitchen Chicken". Still the Canada Goose is a beauty.

Bella's mittens in their natural setting. They are just warm enough for our bone-chiling cold.
My first days after finishing my studying: planning more knitting, too much piecing of the afghan (ouch) and coffee with friends and family.

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